Scent Training

Last night at dog training we learned about Scent Training. This is a great way to have fun with your dog no matter what their age. It is an even better way to give them their food, especially dinner since you have more time then. All you have to do is hide the food and tell them to find it. You have to do some work before, like some small training but they get it really fast. You can use almost anything or be anywhere, it is so easy.

In class we learned about rolling up food in a yoga mat, hiding treats in muffin tins, hiding treats behind chairs or anything, games made just for this, you can find them at dog stores or even Home Goods/Marshalls, one game you just use old plastic water bottles and put the food in one and then use about five or ten more and put them in a bucket or box with an open lid and make the dog find the one with the food.

Video of Rudy enjoying a scent game with a yoga mat:

We even played the Shell Game, you know, the one where you put the treat under one of three cups and switch them around and you have to find it. It works for dogs too, but they can smell so they find it that way.

We tried it on Klaus today while we waited at the vet for his once a year vaccines. He loved it. My mom said he would. That dog loves food and especially a treat.