Art Projects for the Summer

A long time ago my mother bought these wall decal things from somewhere, probably Home Depot, of dolphins. If you want to buy your own you can get them on this website:

She said that she wanted to put them on the wall in our bathroom. They got stored on the shelf above the washer and dryer for several years. Then she found them one day and decided that they needed more to them.

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 11.38.12 PM

She glued them to plywood and had my father cut the shape around the decal. Then they sat that way for a while while she tried to figure out what their final look should be before they went on the wall. One day she had us paint on them. She got one and Finn and I each got one. She did not like how they looked still. So, she had us paint on them again the other day. Finally, she was happy with them and now is going to hang them on the wall in the bathroom. I thought that since these were such great works of art and they took so long to make they must be masterpieces and you all should get to see them.

I have to say, they do look pretty good.

When she puts them on the wall I will put up a picture.