Back to the Farm

After Finn’s chick died, we went back to Skywalker Farms to replace his chick. We brought our grandmother with us so she could see the chickens and other animals. When we got there Betty told us about the new baby twin girl goats that had been born since we were there the last time. They were so cute. When she picked one up for us to hold the mother goat came and stood right beside her to guard her baby. My mom said that their teeth reminder her of human teeth. Betty said that goats get a virus that is like AIDS. She was worried to get the veterinarian to come out and vaccinate them so they did not get this virus.

We also saw her horses that she had in the back stable. They were beautiful. There were baby horses, foals, also.


Finn picked out a little red hen, we think it is a Rhode Island Red, but we are not sure. It is really cute though.