Getting Cultured

When my brother was in Pre-Kindergarten his teacher, Ms. Juany, became our lifelong friend. She is the one behind me and Finn in the picture above. We also love his Kindergarten, First grade, and Second grade teachers, but that is for another post.

Ms. Juany, even named her dog after Finn. She found him in the street on a rainy day. She stopped her car in the middle of the road so that no one would hurt him. She picked him up and put him in her car. He is a little dog with crazy white hair, just like Finn’s. She said to him in the street, “So Finn, what are you doing here?” Her son also wanted to name him Finny after Phineas and Ferb, so I guess it was meant to be. She told my mom that she was nervous to tell her that she had named the dog after Finn because a person that she told the name to and that is was after one of her students said it was not a nice thing to do. But guess what? My mom loved it and thought it was perfect. Finny is so cute.

Ms. Juany has two children, Jeana and O’Ryan. Our golden retriever is named after Jeana, her name is Sunny Jeana Montgomery Mahoney. So far, we don’t have a dog named after O’Ryan, but maybe some day, you never know.

Her two children love to be in plays. Ms. Juany is also a singer and musician. That is where they get their talent. My mom found out that they were each in plays and bought us tickets to go see them perform. Jeana was in Into The Woods at Area Stage on US1 and O’Ryan was in Guys and Dolls at Miami Children’s Theater at the JCC. They both were lead characters. Jeana was Little Red and O’Ryan was Nathan Detroit.

This is Jeana on the poster! O’Ryan is the one without the hat next to the girl in blue.

We went to see the plays. They were amazing. I have to admit that I liked Guys and Dolls more. My mom said that Jeana might as well not have had to audition since she is basically the same person as the actress that played the same character in the movie that just came out, Lilla Crawford. Only she thought that Jeana was funnier and delivered her lines better. O’Ryan was a great Nathan Detroit. He was so funny and he can really sing.

I had the best time. I have only been to see kid plays. Our dentist started/runs the Actor’s Playhouse on Miracle Mile and is always trying to get us to go with free tickets but my mom said that she did not think we could sit still for the whole play until now. I asked her to find us more plays to go to. I loved it so much. Even Finn loved it. He liked Into The Woods better.

After we saw the Guys and Dolls play we went to get some dinner at Denny’s and some of the actors went there too. It was pretty cool to see them.