Summer Fun

A week ago we went to Orlando with my mom and grandma and Steven. My dad had to stay home and work. We did not go to Disney, we just stayed in the hotel and did some things around town. The hotel had a big pool and a lazy river and a water slide. We also played ping pong and the bean bag toss game.

My grandma remembered going to a place that had a really cool climbing thing so she took us there. It was amazing. You got strapped in to the thing and then got to go around it for as long as you wanted. Then when you came off it you could jump down. Sort of like a bungee jump. It was pretty scary but great at the end.

We saw in the parking lot a Delorean car like in the movie Back to the Future.

Then one day my mom signed up my brother for a circus trapeze class. I did not want to go, but now I do. My mom said they have one downtown so we are going to go there when it gets cooler because it is outside. At the Orlando class it was taught by people that work with Circe du Soleil,

We had a great time in Orlando. Now there is only one week left before school starts so I am glad we went and did all these things. Oh and the best was when we went to Twistee Treat, the ice cream place!