They Eat What?

My mom took some photos of the chickens, they are really getting big. Even little Peep is big.

We have been saving egg shells from the store bought eggs and will also save those from our own hens because you can use them for a few things. First, you can cook them and crunch them up really small and give them to the hens to supplement the amount of calcium they need to eat to help them make their own eggs. You can even clean them before baking them and crunch them up super small and put it on your own food for calcium instead of a vitamin. And you can put it in the compost pile.

All you have to do is save them in a bowl then when you have enough you put them in the oven on a tray and cook them at 350 for about ten minutes. Then you put them in a food processor and run it for a few seconds until the shells are really small pieces. Just put it in a container and put in the chicken run for them to eat when they want, it is called free-choice feeding. They will know when they need extra calcium.