What I Did Today

Today I went on a field trip with my homeschool co-op. We went to an indoor rock climbing place. It was amazing! We got to go up the walls as many times as we could in the four hours that we were there. I got to the top every time!!!

Everyone that I knew from the co-op was there. When you were climbing everyone on the floor would cheer you on, even if you did not make it all the way to the top. I got to climb six times. There was a lot of cool stuff there. There was a small cave that you could climb the ceiling, well, we couldn’t but if you were at a higher level, like a professional, or one of the people that worked there, you could use it. The person that was helping us said that he had tried to do one of the really hard courses and he fell down half way and got caught on one of the rocks. He showed us his bruises and they were huge and really dark.

We had so much fun. Finn wants to go now. Luckily they are near our house and open late. It was called X-treme Rock Climbing, Inc. Their website is http://www.x-tremerock.com.