I Have Been Busy!!!

Since school has started I am really busy. Me, Finn and my friend Daniela wrote some original pieces and performed them, dog agility classes have begun, I am still doing conformation classes (btw there are three shows coming up I am registered for – more on that later), homeschool classes begin next week, Deering Estate classes begin the next week, and I am pretty sure that my mom signed me up for some engineering thing at UM, my online writing class begins next week too, oh, and my grandpa is coming to town to visit.

In this post I am going to combine a few topics to save time.

The first picture is me and my brother on the first day of school. The second picture is my brother right after the first day of school. It is HOT here! I am not sure why the heck he wore a jacket and jeans, probably my mom made him.

Last Saturday, we were invited to perform at the Open Mic Night at Talents Unleashed. That is a place by my house that gives classes in different things and lets people use their space to hold things like what we did. Me and Daniela wrote a piece called Rainbows. It is about rainbows, of course. Finn wrote a piece called Creepy Doll. My mom found in a box this old doll of hers and put it in my room. Me and Finn saw it and got scared. Finn thought to write about it. We gave her the knife.

This is the link to us performing the pieces:

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.18.25 PM

Me and Daniela: https://youtu.be/5DusJeGatPI


Finn: https://youtu.be/NehlJNjR0yE

Everyone seemed to like our performances. Let me know what you think.