An Afternoon with some SWEet Ladies Who Love to Learn

This weekend my mom signed me up to go to an event called Ladies Who Love to Learn hosted by the SWE (Society of Women Engineers) club at the University of Miami. My mom told my dad to take me since he is an engineer and used to belong to SWE when he was in college. My mom jokes and says he only joined so he could hang out with girls.

There were only middle school girls there, some of them were my friends from my homeschool group so that was nice. We got to do three projects: a small robot, newtonian fluids, and a lens to project what is on a smart phone screen. The members of the club helped us make the projects and so did my dad. He is an electrical engineer so he was a good person to help us with the robot. He also works at the Patent Office in the Optics area so he also was good to help us with the lens one.

They served lunch for us and we had a good time. I think what was really good was that they told us about engineering and what engineers do. For example, the one girl loves chocolate and she told us what engineers do to help us get chocolate to eat.