Swim Testing and Foam

Today we had to be tested if we were able to swim well enough to go on the outings in my class at Deering Estate. We went to Bill Sadowski park in Palmetto Bay, FL, right next to Deering and swam in a canal. Sometimes we go there at night to watch the stars with the Southern Cross Astronomical Society. Last year we went to see the Leonid Meteor Shower. It was AMAZING! They are there every Saturday night at 8 pm. You should go. They bring big telescopes that you can look into.

Our teacher told us it was fine and the water was clean and that it was really safe. The canal opens to the bay. Just as I was about to have my turn my teacher tells us that there are also Tarpon in this canal since it is so close to the ocean. Great! One kid says that it is fine. I tell him that Tarpon are huge fish with big teeth. The kid says that he doesn’t believe it. My friend Ethan says to him that it is true and that I am correct.

Look how big they are compared to the pelican. See their evil eyes? Yikes!

But we survived. It was just a bit cold. We only had to get in for a few minutes and swim around so our teacher could see.

Then we went back to the Deering Estate and we went out to the boat basin and went again in to the water to catch fish and other stuff. The weather was really bad. It was really windy and the tide was in so the water that is usually up to my knees was up to my shoulders. We did not get much because the waves were high and there was too much motion in the water. Of course, our teacher then tells us that if we see a shark to tell him, because sharks come in to feed on the fish that are scared when the water is too choppy. Great again! We did not see any sharks though. But we did have fun.

The water did have all this foam on it from the wind. It looked like it was snowing.