My Life In Art

Today was art class. My mom and grandma teach it. My mom used to teach photography at a high school and at a university and my grandma taught art in elementary, middle, and high school. She just retired this last year. So now they are teaching the homeschool class. We go one week somewhere and then the next week we go to the classroom that is at the place where we did our performance of Rainbows called Talents Unleashed) and work on the art work that we took pictures and drew sketches of when we were on the field trip. Our class is called Art On The Move. It is a lot of fun.

Here are some pictures from our trip to Pinecrest Gardens.

I use my camera to take pictures of things I see and maybe I will draw from them. Today in class we learned about Frottage. That means to rub. You take something usually flat but with texture and you put a piece of paper over it and then you use a soft crayon and rub it on the paper and you get a picture. It was fun. I made on of Klaus, our dog that we also call The Wien.

The other kids did neat pictures also. Next week we are going to South Beach to look at the Art Deco Hotels and hear a talk by the Miami Design Preservation League that works to keep the art deco hotels that are so famous looking good and not be torn down.

We also had a critique, where you show everyone your pictures and talk about them.

I remembered another art project that we did a couple of years ago. My mom made us get up really early and go downtown to participate in this project called Inside Out by the artist JR. We stood in line to have our picture taken inside this van that had a Photo Booth in it. They printed the pictures really big and then they took them to another city and wheat pasted them to the side of a building. We did not get to see the building since it was in a different city but it was still neat to do it. You could keep the photos if you wanted but we wanted them on the side of the building. You should read about it, it is a nice project.