Very First Egg!

Today my mom went out to let the chickens out of the coop and came rushing in to get us to come outside with her. We knew what she was excited about immediately. Our hens laid their very first egg! We made a video.

We were so happy. It is a brown egg and is really small, about half the size of eggs you get in the grocery store. It had poop on it, yuk. I washed it, then I found out you are not supposed to wash it if you want to keep them out of the refrigerator. Now I know and will not wash it off with water but instead just clean it was a cloth (not wet).


Tonight we went to a party with my homeschool group and had a great time. We had left the chickens out while we were away. They go in their coop by themselves when it gets dark and we just have to close the coop door to keep them safe.

My mom went out to close the door when we got home and noticed that there were only four chickens instead of five. My mom said that the chickens in the coop were crying and not laying down like they normally do, I guess, they missed Mola.She and my brother went out to look for the one, Mola, that was missing. Mola is bad, she usually gets out of the run to go exploring. My mom went to the side of the house to check if she was there and just as she turned the corner she saw two big cats climbing up the fence to get out of the yard. She then noticed that there was a lump on top of the air conditioning unit. It was Mola and she was not harmed as far as my brother and mother could tell.  My mom put her back in the coop and closed their door.

I cannot wait for the next egg.