Changes in the Henhouse

Remember those chickens we got? We got them when they were really little, chicks actually. One turned out to be a Rooster! Her name I mean His name is Peep. He was really loud in the mornings and he got really big. He did not get those spurs on the back of his legs like some roosters do and he was really nice so we thought that he might just be a big hen. Then my mom said that she saw something, he was getting extra friendly with the other hens and that convinced her that she was a he. We think he was a Barnevelder Chicken. They are pretty common.

So we called the person, Betty Buzzella, from Skywalker Miniature Horse Farms, that we got him from and asked if she would take him back because we did not want to be raising chicks or wake up our neighbors or ourselves when the sun comes up. She said that she would and also gave us another replacement hen in his place. We let Finn, my brother, pick out the new hen since Peep was his and he had to give him up.


You know how in movies when the parents tell the kids that the dog went to live on a big farm with lots of other animals but the dog really died, well, our chicken Peep did really just go live on a farm. Funny.

Finn picked a white Leghorn hen. They were free-ranging so Finn had to go into the bushes to shoo one out for Betty to get it. She ended up getting one that was in a pen, it was easier. The sight of Finn chasing 50 hens out of the bushes was funny though.


This is not Betty, this is just a picture from a website ( of a leghorn chicken. But it looks just like her.

We were not convinced that this new hen, now named Betty Sue after Betty from the farm, was a hen after our experience with Peep. But we brought her home anyway. Well, that night, the neighbor comes and knocks on our door and tells us that our chicken is in her yard. Our neighbor has three huge labs, the ones that I feed and play with sometimes. They would love a chicken dinner. We went over there, it was dark by then, and Finn goes again searching in the bushes. Betty Sue is a hen alright, she was sitting on the ground under a bush right next to a nice large white egg!

We caught her and brought her home. This morning when another hen was in the nesting box she was outside waiting to go take her turn just squawking away. She finally got so tired of waiting that she laid her egg in the dirt under the coop.