March Shows

Next month I finally get to get back in the dog show ring. There are two shows two weekends in a row and I am going to go to both. One is March 12 & 13 in West Palm Beach and the next one is in Davie the next weekend, March 19 & 20. The first one will be Micta’s first show. I have entered her in the BPUP 4 and under 6 months. We are practicing every day and go to class once a week. She is getting pretty good at free stacking. Rudy is the dog I will use in the Junior Showmanship competitions. I will turn 12 in March, before the show, so I am now in a different class in Juniors. I won three first place with competition which makes me in the next category called Open. That class is in broken up into different groups also, based on the kid’s ages. I will now be in the middle group.

I have to make sure I have shoes that fit, and see what clothes I can wear. Plus, I have to groom both dogs. I groom them every week, sometimes every day, well, I don’t really groom them, I just fake it so they get used to being groomed. I turn on the drimmel next to them and I run the other tools on their skin so they think I am doing it but not.

I am so excited. This will be my first time not in the Junior ring. It should be fun.

Oh, and the Shetland Sheepdog Club that I belong to is also holding a show that is the same time as the first show. I can’t enter Rudy in that show because he is on a limited contract but we will go over and watch and root on the others.


Wish me luck.