Put one foot in front of the other

Last week I finally got to have Rudy go from one obstacle to another in Agility training. My mom was so surprised because she said that she kept coming to training with me and seeing me train Rudy on each thing by itself but could not figure out how we were going to put them together. Well, she was really impressed. He is really great at agility, well everything.

Here is a link to a video my mom took.

This weekend is also a conformation show. I will be showing Rudy in Juniors, which I am now in the Open Intermediate class, and Micta in the puppy 4 to 6 month class. Super excited. We brushed and clipped and washed Rudy today and Micta got a bath and a sugar scrub last night. They both, actually, all four got their nails clipped last night. They are getting better with the drimmel noise. We also bought a new show lead for Micta, so now she has her own, it is fancy with beads and a silver snake chain.