Best In Show

Last night we started the grooming of the dogs to get ready for this weekend’s dog shows. On Saturday and Sunday, I am competing with Rudy and Micta at the Palm Beach County Dog Fancier’s Association Dog Show in West Palm Beach, Florida. I am competing with Rudy in Juniors and Micta in 4 to 6 Month Puppy.

To groom Rudy it takes a while. I have to give him a bath, brush him, cut his hair, then fluff up his collar, and shape his whiskers. Micta is much much easier. She just gets a bath and her nails need to be clipped, easy. I also got my hair cleaned up. I cut my hair in bangs and my mom wanted to make sure that I could see without them in my eyes. She is crazy.

Today, I volunteered to work the dog agility show here in Miami. I did different jobs: jump steward (where you put up the bars if the dogs knock them down), leash runner (when you get the leash from the dog that is running and take it to the out gate in the ring), scribe runner (you take the little sheet of paper that the scribe writes the points for each dog on over to the person putting the info in to the computer), and general helper. My friend, Adia, who loves dogs too, came with us today and also worked. It was a long day. We were so tired when we were done. But we still had fun.

After we came home we had to pack up the car and head north to our friend’s house in Boynton Beach. They are really nice and are letting us stay with them for the weekend so we don’t have to drive two hours each morning and each night for the show. Now we only have to drive about 20 minutes! We always have fun when we visit them. We miss them so much. They used to be our neighbors but they moved. My friend Daniela lives in their house now. So one good neighbor left (sad) and a new good neighbor moved in (happy). It is a good house.


Well, off to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day and so is Sunday. Wish me and the dogs luck! #Bestinshow