Taking the Lead

Okay, so amazing news! Am going to be learning from a professional handler how to work with all types of dogs!!!! And I get to travel with her to at least two shows next month, with, wait for it, FOURTEEN dogs, and Micta!!!!!!

I am soooooo excited. I am sooooo happy!

I will tell you more about it when I get on the road. I know it will be so much work, but how bad could it be with all those dogs and well, all those dogs?

Today my mom and my grandma were in the kitchen with about a million beads all over the place. They were making designs for dog show leads. Usually, they are made from either leather or paracord and have fancy crystal beads on them. But for Micta, who is a Xoloitzcuintli, those fancy crystal shiny beaded leads just don’t look right. She is a breed that is thousands of years old. She is very regal and strong looking. She is not a froo-froo looking breed so her show lead should not be so froo-froo. It should look like her heritage. Aztec warrior dog!

Here are some of the designs that they came up with. Oh, the black and white one is for Rudy. They made it look Art Deco, since Rudolph Valentino is from that era and also because Rudy is black and white. But the others are for Micta. I asked if we could make one for Richard, the breeder of Micta, too, he might like one I think.