Friends and the Fair

Yesterday, our friends, The Cooks, came in to town for spring break all the way from Maryland to go to the Dade County Youth Fair. This is not a small fair, it is a really really big fair. We went first to The Big Cheese to eat pizza and so my mom and Jason, Keilyn and William’s dad, could eat garlic rolls. They both never eat bread so that was a big deal. Then we went to the fair. We stayed there until 9:30 PM.

Another nice girl came along also. Her name is Becca. She is the daughter of a person that went to school with my mom and Jason in high school. She was our age and really nice.

Oh, when you see the pictures of the book pages, that is called Black Out Poetry. You open a book and black out the words you don’t want to use and leave the ones that you do want to use for your poem. Pretty cool.

We had sooooo much fun!!!!