So Much To Tell

Hello Again,

I have been having so much fun! Remember, I went away to assist the professional dog handler for ten days last month? Well, I survived.  But guess what, I have been out two more times since. The first trip was to the Dalmation Nationals in Weirsdale, Fl and then on to the Peach Blossom Cluster show in Perry, GA. The second trip was to Zolfo Springs, FL. That was a regular show, not a cluster. And then last weekend I went to Vero Beach, FL to the Treasure Coast Kennel Club show. My mom went with me on that trip and we met the handler there as well as some other friends. I will make a separate post about Vero. This is about the other places I went.

Where do I begin… The drive in a van full of dogs.

You should see this van. It is amazing. It is climate controlled and super comfortable. I should know, I rode in it for hours. That is Renee, she is the handler that I work with. She is great and so much fun. I now love country music because of her. Rascal Flats is now my new favorite band.

We went first to Weirsdale, FL to show a dalmation, Takota. He is a liver colored variety of the breed. We showed other dogs there too, it was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. I brought Micta with us. She played with her sister, Carly, that also came with us. It was a good opportunity for them to learn socialization.

We stayed in some nice hotels and some not so nice hotels, but we were so tired that we did not care either way. The scenery from the van on our trip was great. Very different than South Florida. And it was cold!!! My mom did not pack any real jackets for me. She did not think that I would need them. Luckily Renee had some for me to borrow.

I am so happy I am homeschooled so that I can do this type of traveling and working with the dogs.