Vero Beach Dog Show News


I am sure that some of you, those on Facebook with my mom, have read about my trip to the Vero Beach dog show two weeks ago, but I had to post about it myself. I am working with a dog handler, learning as much as I can. I am still going to dog handling classes every Tuesday, but this is great too. With the handler, I get to learn how to groom the dogs, how the life of the handlers are, which hotels to stay in and which one not to, and so much more. I have to bring my school work with me and finding time to do it is sometimes difficult, but luckily I do not get car sick and can do it then. The road trips are long and I have lots of time.

Okay, April 30th and May 1st, was the Treasure Coast Kennel Club Dog Show in Vero Beach, FL. My mom drove me to this show and we met Renee and Chelsea there. We stayed there in a hotel and Renee and Chelsea just drove up each day because they live closer. We had Micta and Rudy with us. Micta turned 6 months on Sunday and could compete in the 6 to 9 month class finally. Rudy came for Juniors. My mom said that this is his last time for me in Juniors. He was not a nice road trip companion. She said he is officially retired and will only be used for local (not overnight) agility competitions, which is why we got him anyway so that is not so bad. He was really bad this trip. My mom thought we were going to be kicked out of our hotel because of him.

We left on Friday and met Renee at her house. I washed and dried dogs for about 5 hours. My mom started Rudy and I finished him. Then we went to the hotel. We went to dinner with our friends, Richard and Eduardo up in Vero. We had Mexican food, and it was really good. Another man met us there, Todd, he was nice. Then we went to sleep, well not to sleep, because Rudy was barking FOREVER! We had to be up and at the show by 6:30 AM.

Saturday was a crazy day. I groomed dogs again and got to show the Frenchy named Weather. She got first place in her class so that was nice. I competed in Juniors but did not get anything. I did get to see my friends and that is always good. I also got to handle Kito, the coated xoloitzcuintli that the breeder (and our friend) Richard Yenchesky owns. I got Best of Breed and got to compete in the Group ring which I have never done before. It felt so wonderful. We did not place in the Group ring, but it was still fun.

Rudy was even worse Saturday night. I thought my mom was going to let him out of the hotel to survive on his own. I had to put him on his leash and have him sleep in the bed with us.

I showed the Frenchy again and got first again in the same class. Then Richard asked me to show Kito again. This was a surprise. But it was so great. Guess what? We won Best of Breed again. I also showed Micta in the 6 to 9 month ring with her sisters and some cousins I think. We got First Place in the 6 to 9 month Bitches class, Winners, and Best of Opposite against Kito. Because of this she got a 3 point Major towards her Championship title. I then went to compete in Juniors and got 4th Place in my Open Intermediate class with competition of 13.

Then came the Non Sporting Group competition. Against all the other dogs, Kito got Group 2, which means second place. He is now the first ever coated xoloitzcuintli to ever place in Group in the AKC! He won a big red ribbon. When I get all the winner photos back I will post them. The judge was Jacqueline Stacy and she is such a great woman and mentor to have in the dog show community. She always takes the time to talk to me and show me a few things.