Getting Ready

In a couple of weeks I will be going to Orlando to compete in several shows, including the Royal Canin National Championship. I looked up the entry numbers and just the Saturday and Sunday show has over 4500 dogs. I only entered Xima Del Rey in that show and Micta in the other shows that happen in the days before the weekend big show. I also entered Micta in juniors, so that should be fun and very interesting. Here is the schedule so far.

I will also be helping out the handler that I work with every day and hopefully I can show some of those dogs in the breed rings. I have a feeling that we will be falling asleep every night really early.

We have been keeping the xolos separate since they get scratched up when they play with the other dogs and with each other and I want their skin in perfect condition. It is funny, it is like musical chairs, moving them around the house in different spaces. They also get moisturized every day and bathed ever three days and nail trims also.

The new puppy, the Norwegian Buhund, is doing really well. He has been to conformation class and working on his agility fundamentals at home. We have been busy during the holidays. Oh, we decided to name the buhund “Q”. We went through many different names and this Saturday we were out at a nature preserve and looking at names on the phone while we rested and it just came to me. He does have a curly-q tail, so, it works. My dad and mom liked it because of James Bond.