What’s Been Going On

I forgot to post about Halloween and the xolos. Our friend, Tess, owner of Best In Show Pet Spa, and a sheltie owner, told us about a dog costume contest at a place near us. My mom painted the xolos like skeletons. We did not win, unfortunately, but the dogs looked really good.

I also wanted to post some pictures of the new pup, Elliott, our Norwegian Buhund. I took him to his first conformation class tonight with George. He did so great. I worked with him first and he did not do so well. Then I had him sit and watch me work with Micta. He had another turn, and he did wonderful. Jealousy works.


We also went to a poetry reading of a friend of mine, Charlotte Brady, from agility class. The poetry was wonderful, I cannot wait to read out loud some of them at my poetry class. My brother even loved them. He and I kept reading them all night. I got to bring Elliott. He loved it and everyone loved him. He was a perfect gentleman.


I also gave him a waterless bath. That is a type of shampoo that is leave-in. You rub it on and towel it off then brush the dogs. He smells so nice now. He needed a bath after the long car trip from NJ.