It’s been a while

Many many months have gone by since my last post. My last post was before I went to the Royal Canin Dog Show in Orlando in December 2016. This is the second largest dog show in the country I am pretty sure.


Well, we made it! What a trip we had. My friend Shiloh came with us which was great. We had fun. One night for dinner was ate tater tot nachos for dinner. We had to get up around 4:30 every morning and were at the convention center by 6 AM to load in dogs and get them ready for the ring. It was so much fun but so much work. We did not leave each night until at least 7pm.

I worked with BJ Barnhart helping her prep the dogs and sometimes even showing them. I also was able to show a few dogs for other people. I got to show a pumi and some dobermans. The pumi, Ocsi, pronounced Ochi, went Winner’s

royal canin xima 1st fun007Bitch and Best of Winners. The doberman that I showed for someone else was the top dobbie in Korea. and we got Winners Bitch. I brought with us Micta and Xima, xoloitzcuintlis from Del Rey Xolos. Xima went Best  Puppy 6-9 mo. in her class both days. That is Richard and Dr. Cindi in the picture with me. They co-own Xima with me, who is the one in this pic. This is not a normal type of win picture, but it is much more fun I think like this!!

Since the show is so big there are dogs and people from all over the world. The Groups and Best In Show competitions are on television. Even though I didn’t make it to Groups I did get to do something like it. The breeder I work with, Richard Yenchesky of Del Rey Xolos, asked me to run both Micta and Xima while we were being recorded for a special series of Judging Education videos. People who are judges or want to be judges can get the videos and learn about how the breeds are supposed to look and move. Micta and Xima were also used as breed examples in the on site seminar for judges. They were well behaved and people couldn’t believe how social they were since the breed is usually skittish.


The show was held in the Orange County Convention Center which is HUGE! There were also agility shows, dock diving, and meet the breed events going on. The room that had the grooming stations was almost as big as a football field. It was really fun.


When we left, we asked my mom to take us to Twistee Treat to get ice cream. When we were eating out ice cream we started talking to this nice man and his daughter. We, of course, talked about dogs. Guess what? He used to show dobermans!