2017 Ocala Show and St. Pete Beach

I ended last year with one of my best experiences showing dogs at the Royal Canin Dog Show in Orlando. Then we had a break over the holidays and were right back at it. We had a nice holiday, it was quiet and that was good.

The first show we went to was Ocala near St. Pete Beach where my great grandpa lives. We went to stay with him for a few days and then we went up to Ocala which is about a hour north of there. It was FREEZING!!! We had a naked dog with us, poor Micta. She wore her fleece jammies and stayed under the covers unless she was in the ring.

We met BJ there and helped her show and we also were there with Richard and Jeff and Dr. Cindi which was super fun as always.

No ribbons for Micta at that show, but that was alright we had a good time.

We went back to St. Pete and stayed for a while to relax. We went to my favorite place, Twistee Treat, to eat ice cream, and we rode in my great grandpa’s car, Beverly. We saw other friends at the jewelry shop.

On the way home my mom wanted to take US 41 instead of Alligator Alley to go across from Naples to Miami. This is an amazing road. It is in the middle of the Everglades and the Native American villages are right there. We stopped at the Clyde Butcher Gallery. His photography was so beautiful, even my mother who usually does not like nature landscapes was impressed. They are huge and you can see every little detail. Behind the gallery was a small trail you could go on. The best part was when we got there. My mom pulled into the parking lot and turned off the car and started to get out. I was not getting out and she asked why. I told her that there was an alligator right next to my door. She thought I was kidding. I was not. She finally pulled into another spot.