O, Happiness

When I last posted, I told you all about how I had entered the O, Miami Poetry Festival Contest and that I had received an email from them. A few weeks ago I went to an event that they were sponsoring and they told me I’d been accepted. Now I’m planning my project(s) for the poetry festival this upcoming April. I was also given the opportunity to write a few pieces for their blog!

I’ve been searching for a company to print poetry on dog leashes, I believe I found one last Tuesday, and he just so happens to be one of my fellow dog show comrades.

For the past week I’ve been contacting different venues to hold dog themed open mic poetry readings. Yesterday my mother and I (and Gert) went to Coconut Grove to check out a few places we had in mind. The first place, Lokal, which always comes up when you search for dog friendly restaurants in Miami. Of course, being me, and the restaurant being famous for their burgers, I had to try one. Our burgers were fantastic (Gert had her fair share of fries as well)!

After our wonderful lunch we made our way over to the second restaurant, The Spillover. It was owned by the same dog loving person as Lokal. We didn’t try anything there, but the atmosphere was friendly and everyone adored Gert.

I also contacted Paws 4 You, a local animal shelter. The called us back on our way to Lokal. They’re very interested in doing something for the festival.

I can’t wait to work with everybody! Stay tuned for updates!