O, Miami Poetry Festival, How I adore thee

Remember how I wrote about being picked for the O, Miami Poetry Festival? Well, I did my event and it went very well. We made the small dog tags out of metal and stamped “Just A Dog” on them. The O, Miami people gave me some Poo-try dog poop bags and some of their hand screen printed 2018 canvas tote bags to give to people that came up and read at the event. We had it at Tea & Poets in Sunset Place. We brought our dogs and so did others.

I wrote two pieces for the event.

Leading Poetically

A leash should not be necessary

Eye contact, body language, trust

These are the things to rely on

No prong collar ever resulted in a happy relationship

Countless hours of training

Not the selfless dog, but me, the attention craving human being

Have confidence in shining eyes

Pack beings by nature

No desire to part from one another

Once your hearts are intertwined


The second piece.

Try Again

My ever smiling friend

Even whey you cry, your lips curve upward

The ghost of a grin

My confidence in you is like my confidence in no other

Although you may  not catch me when I fall

You will be there when I land

To stare me in the eye

Until my guilty conscience gets the better of me