We went to the Newberry show this weekend for the first time. It is a town outside of Gainesville. It is so beautiful up there. I live way south in Florida where it is mostly, well, all flat land. In Gainesville it is six hours north and a totally different type of geography. Rolling hills and pastures everywhere. Many horse ranches and equestrian centers.

As I have written about before, I am showing many different types of dogs. I took with me to this show the Portuguese Water Dog and a Rough Collie. I helped out a friend with her Britany. I also ended up helping other persons with their dogs. I actually competed in Juniors since it did not conflict with other ring times.

We stayed with friends, the PWD breeder of Caladesi Portuguese Water Dogs. They have several acres for the dogs to run. The weather was amazing! We had to wear jackets in the morning. I’m from Miami, we have been in shorts and flip flops since forever, we had about a week of winter in January.

Best part of the show was that I always run in to friends that love to talk about dogs. Oh, and I also went Breed with the Rough Collie.

Also we did the Fast Cat with the PWD, she ran so fast, the person working the booth said she was faster than the whippets that day, and it was her first time. We only tried it, so no points, but we will do it for points if they have it at future shows.