And Finally Miami

This past weekend was the Miami dog show at Tropical Park. It is a small show, but close to home and therefore we were able to have a great set up. My mom and her friend brought in three of those 10 x 10 tents and set up a huge station. One tent for the dogs and grooming, one for food and drinks, and the last tent for chairs. We were lakeside and it was really nice.

The objective of the weekend was to finish two dogs in particular. We did! I was busy showing: Portuguese Water Dogs, Tibetan Spaniels, Xoloitzcuintlis, Australian Shepherds, and a Cane Corso.

We finished the PWD and the Tibbie on Saturday. The xolo is a Special already, and the Aussie is still learning. I went to the Group ring with the Tibbie which is always fun. On Sunday, I also went Breed with another Tibbie and then to the Group ring, which I was pulled out but did not place. Still exciting.

I have also resumed Agility training with Q, my buhund.