July – Oct

My life has been busy. I am dual enrolling in college which takes up a great deal of my time. I am showing dogs for people, no money, but still time. I am working on projects for the dog club.

This summer and early fall has been challenging. Several dog shows this summer, the trip to see my grandfather, and also I was in school. Dog shows went well, the trip was great, and school, while a lot of work, ended with all A’s.

My brother even helped this summer with the dog showing. It was fun to have him around.

The fall term, which I am still in the middl of now, is more challenging as I am taking three classes, and probably going to do four next term. But with each course I am one step closer to law school.

These images are from the Florida Australian Shepherd Association show this summer that I attended and showed at for the first time. We did pretty well. The image below is me, my brother, and my father before we ran the Halloween zombie run. We were the Flintstones. My mother has been wanting us to do this since we were babies. My brother’s hair used to be crazy curly and white. My mom, who has red hair also, was Wilma.