No Time to Stop

The months of November and December were so crazy at our house. My parents were going in ten directions trying to take care of everything and everyone. Plus, the dog show Florida Circuit starts then and does not stop until May.

My mom and I were planning on going to Royal Canin in Orlando but she had to go do something else so I went with a friend. We went to meet up with her friends that had brought the Tibetan Spaniel puppy that she co-owns with them. So cute. Puppies get me every time.

I did not get to show but did have the time to just sit and watch which is not what I usually am able to do.

We then went to South Carolina to visit my grandfather. On the way we stopped off at my great grandfather’s to celebrate his 95th birthday, which is the same day as my father’s. It was a nice visit as always. My great grandpa is so great.

We then went to SC to celebrate the holidays. It was cold. Living in Miami we don’t get to experience that often. I got to wear all my jackets and sweaters that I normally have to just look at in my closet.