Working and Waiting

Almost every moment between my last post in June until November 2022 has been spent working on college applications or my project with the fifth graders. The November 1st date has come and past. Applications are in. Waiting.

Took this year, June to June, to work on projects, study in homeschool classes, train dogs, and enjoy life. I am still working with Miami Obedience Club training people and their dogs in Dog Conformation. I picked up some side work training dogs. I am having so much fun with that. Yes, I am still working at the restaurant. Almost two years now. And no, I am not tired of baklava.

I am also working on the second Zine for my project Zines4Change. This project has been wonderful. Working with the kids and the community is fulfilling. The first term was centered around the natural world. The current term is forms of energy. Below are the pages of the first edition. I am so proud of these kids. Just wait until you see the next one.