Knowing When to Change Course

Having so many ideas for projects is easy. Finding the right mix of people to engage them with is more difficult. The projects that I have created for my “gap year” are taking shape. I have had to shift my course a bit though. That is alright. Knowing when to do that is a skill to fully develop as it will only serve me well in my future.

The fifth grade science zine project is only getting better with each step. I have connected with some amazing people and cannot wait to get started. The writing, the YA novel, has been a bit less easy. I find that sometimes I have writer’s block, even if I have a solid outline. I get started with great enthusiasm and then when I start up again I find the enthusiasm fleeting. I was told to go read the support material that I have collected and get back in to the material. I found the websites that I was using for source material and that did help. I also went back and edited what I have. That helped also.

I set a goal for myself to write so many hours a day. This can include college essays, the novel, and other projects I am doing. The college essays are coming along. My mother suggested writing them as poems first then altering them into essays, or maybe not. That has helped. I found that writing the poem allowed me to bring the emotions to the front and not focus on the people involved. Especially, since the actions of people can be attributed to a variety of people and how I dealt with the actions and outcomes is what is important to write about.

Other than that, I am still dog training and working on personal projects that I am interested in such as volunteering at the community college’s Landscape Technology and Nursery center and enjoying the events of the Annual Royal Poinciana Fiesta. We went to a talk yesterday that included history of the flowering tree, paintings of the trees, and poetry and song. Tonight we are going to the end of the fiesta party.

My brother is in the architecture program at the college. His class is currently working on a project to rebuild a structure that had to be torn down due to hurricane damage. The new building will sit in the empty field area pictured below.