Bad Go Daddy!

Last night on our way back from puppy training my mom told me about the Go Daddy! commercial with the puppy that is for the upcoming Super Bowl football game. She was really upset by this commercial and was going to remove her website for her photography business that is hosted by them. She said that she did not agree with the way they made the commercial and that she did not feel right having her website with them even more because I was her daughter.

She heard about the site from a dog trainer named Susan Garrett’s Facebook page. This woman also uses that company to do her websites. She was also going to remove her websites from them. I did some searching online and found that almost every dog person online was upset. When I saw the commercial I was really angry.

I can not believe that a company could be so bad to make such a commercial. Plus, after I thought some more, it was even worse because I realized that the were also saying that dog breeders were thieves. The dog was already being shipped to someone who had purchased it and then when the dog comes back the lady is shown selling it again!

I did some searching online and found that almost every dog person online was upset.

Luckily tonight my mom told me that the website company had removed their commercial.

The commercials for the car company Subaru are funny. I asked my dad why those did not make anyone mad and he said that they are so far from believable that it does not compare to the website company. He used other words, lawyer words, and I do not remember exactly what they were just what he meant.

So, I recommend that people who are in charge of making commercials think about what they are doing a bit longer before they do something like this again.

I wanted to put the link here to the commercial but my mom said that that is what the company probably wants us to do so even more people watch it. So, please do not watch it, even if the puppy is cute. Just look on this blog at a picture of Rudy instead.