Today and tomorrow I am volunteering at the Agility trials at Tropical Park. This is my favorite sport in all the world. I had two jobs today. The first was to be a Leash Runner. You get the leash of the dog that is on the course at the start gate and take it over to the last out gate. This is harder than it sounds, trust me. You have to wait until the dog gets to at least the third or fourth jump so you don’t distract them. Then you have to walk the length of the course to the other side and put it in a bucket and then walk back to the start gate, FOR EVERY DOG! My second job was to be a Jump & Chute Steward. For the jump steward part you have to replace the poles on the jumps if a dog knocks it off during their run and also you have to raise or lower the bars when the new height class starts and also you have to fix the fabric part of the chute after each dog runs through it.

Since I am homeschooled I got to do this, it starts at 9 am and ends at 5 pm. Isn’t that great? I also met the man that teaches dog conformation. That is when the dogs are in the ring, like Westminster.

My teacher Sheyla Gutierrez ran her dog, a border collie, Fanta. That dog was really fast. There were also many shelties. I just kept thinking of when I will be running Rudy in the course. I cannot wait for that, super champion MACH Rudy!

I am working tomorrow also, and I have different jobs. I will let you all know how it went when I get home. I am so tired and have to go to bed. It is going to be a long day tomorrow. But I will get to spend the whole day with agility dogs and not behind a desk like kids in school so that is great for me.


This is me being the jump steward


This is the chute that the dogs run through. They go through the tunnel part first. It is really called a blind chute because the dogs cannot see out the other end because of the fabric.


Me getting a leash.


On my way to the other side of the course to put the leash in the bucket.