Palm Beach and some Turtles

Last week my brother and I went to Palm Beach with my grandmother and Steven for a vacation and to see the rescued sea turtles released back in to the sea at Juno Beach.20150708_8373

We spent about three days there at the Marriott Ocean Point in the Kingfish building , and had a great time. We went kayaking. Finn was really happy about that because every time he had wanted to go before something happened and he was not able to do it. He was really good at it my grandmother said. We fed the fish at the marina and swam in the hotel pool and the beach.

We got to be there when the people from the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, Inc. released five turtle in the ocean after they had been rehabilitated. They were three loggerheads named Audubon, Mayflower, Laddie and two greens named Munchkin and Tiny Tim.

These are links to the Facebook page of the LMC and their website. You should check them out.

We got to the beach early in the morning, about 9 AM. They released the turtles at 11:30 AM. We played on the beach and collected shells until everyone arrived. There were news cameras there to record the event. I did not take any pictures, but my grandmother did. These are the pictures that my grandmother took that she sent to me for you to see.

I took some video of the turtles being released. You can watch them on my Youtube page: and