Last week we went to Skywalker Farms in Davie, FL to look at some chickens. We had a great time. We got lost of course, but did find the farm eventually. We got to ride in the golf cart over to the chicken coops.


We had to walk in the run for the turkeys and geese. The one huge turkey male was really funny and kept his feathers out the whole time. I think he was trying to make us scared of him. There were these other white turkeys that just kept walking all over us, really, they just walked over your feet to get to you.

We held a Buff Orpington, Silver Lace Polish, Black Australorp and an Easter Egger.

They were so cute. We brought them home and put them in a small brooder with a heat lamp. Since there is no mother chicken to sit on them you have to keep them warm with a heat lamp. Every week they are alive you make the temperature go down by five degrees. These are now about three weeks old so they are at 85 degrees. They sleep and play all day and night.

Sadly, Finn’s pet chick died today. His was the Silver Lace Polish named Freckles. She was really tiny and not very hearty. We are going back this week to get him another one. He put a nice note inside the box and some food. He was so sad.