Ft. Lauderdale Dog Club Show, Day 1

This weekend I only an competing in Juniors with Rudy, my sheltie. (The future agility champion!) The show is two days in Davie, FL at the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds and is sponsored by the Ft. Lauderdale Dog Club, which the woman, Dr. Cindi Bossart that I own Micta with is the president and the other owner, Mr. Richard Yenchesky, is a member, and is chairperson of this show.

We brought both dogs, so Richard and Dr. Cindi could see Micta and see how she is doing. Plus, I got to show her off to everyone. BTW, everyone who sees her loves her. My mom told me that when she was walking her the other day a man driving by stopped in the middle of the road to see her and ask about her. She also told me that every time she brings her with her and my brother when he goes to tennis practice that a few people knew what type of dog she was and that they thought she was a “beautiful specimen of the breed.” I, of course, agree.

I am in the Open Intermediate category for Juniors. This show did something different that I have not seen before, they did not break up the age groups within the Novice and Open categories. There were all ages competing against each other. It does not matter since the categories are based on ability and not age. We did not win anything, but we are going again tomorrow and plan on bringing home the first place in Open and the first place in Best Junior.

Oh, and the best thing was that since it was at the rodeo grounds the club that sponsored it decided to ask people to dress in western wear. Good thing I had my boots from when we went to the River Ranch! I even had a gold sheriff star badge to wear. We went and got a great denim dress and a belt to match my boots. I had on these cool earrings that my grandma’s partner, Steven, gave me that are turquoise and silver, so they really matched. I wore my star necklace. I told my mom that I should wear my horseshoe necklace, but she did not hear me and just brought the star one. Tomorrow I am going to wear the lucky horseshoe!!! Either way, it was really fun. I am glad that they did that.

Wish me luck.

Here is a link to a video of going around the ring.