Ft. Lauderdale Dog Show, Day 2

Today was the second day of the FLDC dog show in Davie, FL. I got to wear western wear again. Today I wore my horseshoe necklace though. I did not place, but I am pretty sure that the judge was going to pick either me or the other girl that won fourth place and this judge was great and so was the girl that won fourth place so I feel okay about not winning.

I did learn several things today. I learned how to hold the dog lead in a special way that the judges like from Marianne McCullough, secretary of the FLDC. I think that when you get in to the upper levels that these are the little things that the judges look for since pretty much all the junior handlers at this level are really good at all the other main things. We learned about a special two day seminar that is going to be held in June which we are going to go to.

Micta’s two sisters were there and our friends from dog class were also. But most importantly, I met so many people and dogs. Richard introduced me to Renee Rosamilia who is a professional handler and she basically invited me to help her with showing dogs. Because I am homeschooled I can go with her and just bring my school work with me. I log being homeschooled. I think I will most likely have to just groom and exercise, but, hey, I don’t mind that at all. I bet that if I do all that I will get to show some eventually. She and my mom both spell their name with two e’s at the end and my mom said that she reminds her of one of her favorite actresses so it was a good thing we met.

I was also introduced to a man, Dr. Carmen Battaglia who shows dogs and is a writer. His son, Matt Battaglia, is an actor in movies and television. My mom said, “Hey, isn’t there an actor with that same last name?” and they said that there was. It was funny. Anyway, Dr. Battaglia, is the past president of the Dog Writers Association of America. That is pretty much the best thing ever since I love writing and dogs. He told me to send him some of my stories and to join the DWAA and I could be a junior writer for them. They have contests and other things. I cannot wait to get started. I am still thinking which story to send to him. It has to be good.

I cannot wait until the next show!!!