Orlando: Royal Canin National Championship

We Are Back!!! Finally.


We were so proud of ourselves for packing early and loading the car early. We get to Orlando and realize that we forgot ALL MY SHOW CLOTHES! We called everyone we knew to see who had not left yet. Our good friend Kate was able to bring them to us. Thank goodness. We had several outfits tailored just for this show. I think my mom was going to cry when she realized what we had done.

We stayed with a friend whose dog I was showing. That was fun. My dad and brother came up with Q, my buhund, to show in the NOHS competition. Which I won Breed!!! I thought he would not win because he was the only black dog, but he is sooo beautiful and perfect confirmation to the standard, but his color always is a possible issue. They love the wheat ones. So, I had to go to groups.

Guess what? Groups for the RC NOHS is videoed and in a ring with tons of lights and watched by hundreds of people. I was pretty nervous. I am glad that I got that type of ring experience out of the way now. I am ready for the BIS ring at Westminster.

Here is a link to me in the ring, I come in the beginning, but my turn was around 12:30.

I met a really nice friend who also has a black bu as well as wheat.

We did not reserve grooming, so we waited in line for free grooming. FOR FOUR and a HALF HOURS in really cold weather. But we did get a spot. Never again. I have already begun saving up for next year.

I showed Blondie, the xolo, and she was great. We did not win anything other than our class, but she and I had fun.

For the Portuguese Water Dog, Rumour, she also did very well. She is learning how to show, so this was a good experience for her. I also got to show this little brown pwd, she was crazy, but I went BOW with her.

We had a really nice time in Orlando. I cannot wait for next year.