Well, I have some news to tell. I got a new puppy!!!! I have now an Australian Terrier puppy named Diego. His registered name is River City’s Cameredo. It is from a Walt Whitman’s Song of the Open Road. Which I love him even more for. I am co-owning him with my friend who owns River City Kennels.

He is so cute and funny. He runs around like a mad-man. We have been working on stacking and walking on the lead. He is really smart and gets everything quickly. I was not sure about getting a smaller dog that I usually work with but I am a convert now.

We picked him up in Brooksville at the show this past month. I showed him there for the first time. It did not go so well, it was his first time in the ring and he was a bit unsure. He is only 7 months old, so that is understandable.

But now, he is fantastic. Cannot wait to get him in the ring this weekend in Lakeland.