Spring Term and Corona

I just completed my semester. The grades I know about are good. Still waiting on one. I posted earlier about the O, Miami Poetry Festival, and how my piece was canceled because it was an outdoor event that would have required many persons close together. Our dog club’s show was also canceled which was particularly upsetting since it was the one in my hometown that the club I belong to puts on.

But better safe than sorry. Since we are stuck at home and have no plans to travel any time soon I decided to take three classes this summer term. Mind as well knock out some extra credits.

My mom and I have been exercising and baking, much like everyone else. My mom accidentally ordered 50 pounds of sugar and the same of flour. So we are covered.

I am also painting my room. I plan to come out of this lockdown in great shape and with a new outlook. I have also been doing some live feed poetry events. I will post a link maybe next week.

Diego the Australian Terrier is doing really well.