New Year’s Resolution

I realized that I had not been posting for a very long time. It has actually been a year. So, I decided that my new year’s resolution would be to post at least once a month. While the corona virus has morphed once again and that was not what most of us were hoping for, we must move forward. The last couple of years were not the best I think we all can agree. However, there have been many good things that have happened also.

I have once again been asked to participate in the O,Miami Poetry Festival, details to come. I went to the Royal Canin dog show this past week in Orlando and had an amazing time. I am for the most part through with the credits to obtain my AA degree and enter FIU to obtain my BA in Creative Writing. I have had a job as a waitress, which I love. I have been a part of a fabulous dog frisbee league, South Florida Toss and Fetch. Okay, I have changed boyfriends (a couple of times). I was a Judge for the Junior Orange Bowl Writing Contest. I judged the Herding breeds at the Greater Miami Dog Club B Match. I am now teaching conformation classes with the Miami Obedience Club. Sadly, I got my T-Bird, Beverly, as my great grandpa Clint died in Jan of this year. Not the best way to get the car unfortunately. He was 96 and lead a very full life. He is missed. I have some new friends that I enjoy spending time with. I have an interview for another job as a dog trainer with a company that is run by someone for which I have so much respect and admiration. We got a new dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer named Jane, she is so much fun. Finally, we are going to spend the holidays at a cabin on a river with the dogs. So not a bad year after all, minus the loss of my great grandpa.