New Year Resolutions Were Meant to be Broken

Obviously, it has been a very long break for my resolution to write at least once a month. I had great intentions. I also had an extremely busy schedule. Not that it has slowed down.

January was the beginning of the end of my AA degree. My last term. I worked hard and received A’s in all of my classes.

February was my brother’s birthday and two weeks later in March was mine. We had a combined birthday party, he turned 16 and I, 18. Then began the work for my project for O, Miami.

I was awarded a place in the O, Miami Poetry Festival that takes place in April, which is National Poetry Month. My event was a poetic take on the dog sport of Rally. I created three poems, each verse was also a directive to complete at each point in the course. I asked some friends to join me as vendors. I had The Great Luncanis Evando reading tarot for person and dog alike, and Catarina the Caricaturist. It was a great deal of work but worth it. Although, I think that next year if I enter, I will enter something less labor intensive. Pics are below.

Then May, I finished my classes and embarked on a Gap Year of sorts. It is technically my senior year of highschool but I am choosing to not take traditional classes and instead work on some projects.

I have decided to work on my YA fiction novel, a summer Zine project with Culture Shock and Courageous Creatives (I worked with them a while back on a BLM video), and then a fantastic Science based Zine with fifth graders. More to come on that project.

I am still training dogs with the Miami Obedience Club and doing private training sessions. I am also working still at my waitressing job. Trying to get in to the University of Miami is my next task!!!!!